Sweet fried ravioli filled with chocolate, nuts, ceci beans and our house made mosto cotto

Mosto Cotto
Carefully selected wine grapes cooked on a low heat for 8 hours until achieving the consistency of a maple syrup. Great in desserts or an accompaniment for cheeses. 

Pallotte Cace e Ova
A true symbol of cucina povera. A meatless meatball consisting of cheese, egg, breadcrumbs and spices. Fried and added to a simmering tomato sauce. 

Baked ravioli filled with house made cows milk cheese and a selection of aged pecorino and parmigiano cheese. 

Cream Puffs
Light fluffy cream puffs filled with a delicious vanilla cream. 

Assortment of Handmade Pastas
Maccheroni alla chitarra, ravioli, maltagliati, sagne, lasagna.

Scripelle m'Busse
Abruzzese style crêpes sprinkled with aged pecorino cheese and rolled up. These crepes are then placed in a bowl and hot broth is ladled over them.