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D’Abruzzo NYC Winner of 2018 World’s Fare

Voted best food at World’s Fare

D’Abruzzo NYC, the award-winning food vendor that brings true street food from the Abruzzo region of Italy to New York, has been voted Best Food at The Worlds Fare at Citi Field.

The winners are chosen by attendees as well as a panel of celebrity judges that includes chefs, television personalities and city officials.

“To be named the recipient of this award, knowing the passion and dedication of some of my fellow nominees, is a tremendous honor,” said Tommaso Conte, founder of D’Abruzzo NYC. “We all know the hard work it takes to put our food out there.”

Conte’s D’Abruzzo NYC pays homage to the traditional foods and daily roots of Italy’s Abruzzo region. 

D’Abruzzo NYC has quickly become known for its signature offering, arrosticini. A true Abbruzese specialty, arrosticini are skewers of delicate cubes of lamb, cooked with high heat over a specially-made grill. D’Abruzzo NYC’s arrosticini has garnered several awards and has been featured in local and international media.

D’Abruzzo NYC also makes its own pizzelle, a soft waffle-like cookie that is served with either a house-made bourbon fig jam or the ever-popular Nutella chocolate-hazelnut spread.

The Worlds Fare celebrates the excellent food available on our city's streets and the hard-working people who bring it to us each day - and who are usually (otherwise) given little acclaim or even respect. We celebrate vendors and their delicious contribution to New York City.